20kW Solar Hybrid System – Blantyre -Mudi

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Client's Name

Rainbow Paint Malawi


We are excited to have successfully implemented a 20KW Solar Hybrid System which powers 6 aircons, 4 Geysers, 86 Bulbs, 2 Booster pumps and 8 Fridges. The system was installed to minimize cost of bills and provide uninterrupted power to the house. Thanks to Powerplus Control Systems the house is entirely operating on solar power.


This is 20kW Solar Hybrid System that was installed to minimize the cost of bills and provide continuous power to the house. Almost everything in the house is operating on Solar. The grid is powering only cookers only.

  • 4 x Aircons
  • 6 x Electrical Geysers
  • 9 x fridges
  • Almost 155 x 9Bulbs
  • 2 x Booster pumps

Materials used

  • 20KVA Hybrid Inverter System
  • 4 x 200AH Le-ion Lithium batteries
  • 40 x 345W QCell Solar panels


House Wiring and poor electrical loads distribution.

Project duration

16 Days

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