Solar Water Pump System Installation

We have two types of Solar Water Pump Systems. Submersible and Surface Water Pump Systems.

Submersible Water pump as name says is submersed in water, mainly it pushes water from borehole and wells to where water is needed. Surface Water Pump Systems mainly sucks water from Lakes, Rivers, Swimming pools, e.t.c. to where water is desired to go.

All these systems uses solar panels that generate electricity in order for them to perform the task. We have different sizes of solar waterpumps depending on applications. We design first, supply and install the system.

ICT Power Management System Installation

We are specialised in designing, programming and installation of Biometric & RFID Time Attendance, Access control through Fingerprint Lock, Facial Recognition systems, Fingerprint reader, Proximity Card Time Attendance & Access Control related accessories

The systems we provide are programmed and controlled through Access buttons, TCP/IP address, RS232/485, WiFi and GPS.

These machines are applicable in Schools, Hospitals, Banks, other companies that has many employees needs control in Time Management and Access Control.

Solar System Installation

For Solar system to be effective in operation, it requires Solar engineers to sit down and design the system. 

Designing in solar system is a first step we do to meet our customers expectations. We achieve this by doing loads assessment at the site and come up with detailed requirements on the system.

This helps us to avoid oversizing and undersizing the system that lead to poor performance of the solar system.

Most of our inverters are A.C and Solar charger inbuilt. We connect to grid and solar at the same time to charge batteries. They give the client a chance to programme it to choose whether to use solar as first priority or Utility. Once inverter is set to Solar First, the system will be doing direct harvest from sun to the loads hence saving the utility units.

We also provide options of system monitoring through phone or PC by using softwares or WIFI.​

ICT Power Management System Installation

In typical Electrical Power Distribution system in ICT Data Centre is made up of five major components.

Power is supplied to the data centre at medium voltages from Utility,generator power source. The Power is stepped down from medium to distribution voltages 480V by a substation transformers.

We install uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system that conditions the power and provides stable, stable power during outage until the generator starts. The power the further stepped down to 220-230V. We install Power Distribution Unit PDUs that supplies power to ICT Power supply which some are retified to 12-19DC for other ICT commpatibilitry.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Installation

In all sensitive electrical loads, for instance; ICT and Laboratory Equipments requires clean and uninterrupted power supply. We design powering points and programme the UPS operation.

After installation, we make sure all essential loads are well connected to UPS lines in order to protect the ICT equipments from surge, abnormal input frequencies and voltages.

UPS & Inverter Preventive Maintenance and Repairing

All UPS and Inverters at sometimes their electronic components stops working. This happens through irregular preventive maintaince of machines,aging of the electronics components,abnormal input voltages from generator and utility, e.t.c.

PPCS have well experienced Technical team that brings the machines back to operations by repairing.

We achieve these by signing Maintenance Contract with our customers to avoid the system be operating on failure.
This involves: Battery replacement and Calibration,General maintenance and Monitoring systems.

Technical Consultation