Who we are

We are designers, suppliers and installers of Power Backup systems. We are devoted to Human and Social Development. Our values determine the way we work, the quality of product and services we offer, and the unsurpassed reliable Power Backup Solutions you get as a customer.

PowerPlus Control Systems design and install a range of solar systems for various low voltage based systems; Commercial Banks, ATMs, Offices, Domestic lighting,,Hospital Laboratories, Schools, Hotels, Lodges, Camps, etc – anything that needs to be powered in a remote location.

our Services

Our business hours

Our technicians are available Everyday 24/7 to service

Solar System Installation

We are Experts in Solar mounting system designs with great flexibility both for commercial and residential.

Power Backup Systems

We offer both Off grid / On grid systems for power outage solutions for homes, offices and data centers.


We offer perfect service at minimal cost. We are quickly on site to locate faults and to repair or replace components.

We provide working Solutions and Products in Power Backup systems e.g. Solar and uninterrupted Power Supply (UPSs) to ensure the successful delivery of Renewable and Sustainable Energy for various Application such as Residential, industrial, commercial and agriculture use.

If you have a requirement for Power Backup in a remote location or at your desired location, why not let one of our team visit your site and propose a solution.