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Frequently Asked Questions

Cost varies, Please fill up the form and our sales team will give you a quotation immediately after assessing information you have provided.

Our Systems provide continuous power supply either Off or On grid Systems. This simply because we you free natural sun that generate power for your appliances during the day hence saving energy bills. System will connect your load to grid only when sun is low or not available

Replacements of the batteries are determined by how much batteries have been recycled. Assuming batteries have 1000 Cycles from manufacturer. You recycle daily that means 1000/365days approx. of 3yrs.

Yes, One year Warranty except for batteries and comes with full technical support from our technical team.

Yes, please consult sales team for any payment proposals.

Yes, we encourage to do designing and installation ourselves to ensure that Systems have been installed in accordance with technical requirements.

We are in Lilongwe Area 1 Falls, next to Church of Nazarene. And Blantyre We are in Soche East along Kapeni Road just behind Kudya Filling Station.


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