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We are the future of clean energy

Established in 2018 POWERPLUS CONTROL SYSTEMS is a registered Company with Registration Number MBRS1036480 at the Registrar of Businesses and with MRA Tax Identification Number (TPIN) 31528047. We are designers, suppliers and installers of Power Backup systems. We are devoted to Human and Social Development. Our values determine the way we work, the quality of product and services we offer, and the unsurpassed reliable Power Backup Solutions you get as a customer.

Powerplus Control Systems has continued to strive towards becoming a Best Designer, Supplier and Installer of Solar/Power backup company national wide as well as worldwide, offering our Clients the specialist individual attention and solutions required by an everchanging environment that is impacting Energy sector. Powerplus Control Systems sees teamwork on every project as a key to successful company. The managing director is duty bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.

Our Drive

We are motivated to deliver reliable, outstanding, professional, sustainable Systems after designing in cooperation with our engineers who are trusted and well experienced in the industry. Our Technical support team are tech-oriented in our focused business sectors to come out with best and common goals "quality" and outstanding systems to address common challenges Malawi is facing in energy sector.

Our commitment to service and quality is the basis of our reputation as the leading provider of Solar products and services. We go beyond to drive our customers traditional, old understanding and experience in solar energy to new technologies that are advanced and efficient.
We try to transform customers experience and reshape our services and products.

Our Mission

We focus on creating high-class Solar System that is selected and tested from first-hand insiders, our clients are presented with good customer feedback. With this sole objective, we prudently manage each facet of the system in-house – from research on challenges that current customers are facing and find permanent solutions to keep our service delivery reliable.

Our Vision

We are a MALAWIAN based company of Solar Energy supplier. Our team are dedicated specialists who love seeing your businesses prosper by using continuous power supply knowing we helped you achieve your goals. Our vision lies in delivering an outstanding service and high-quality Solar Systems for you and your company. At PowerPlus Control Systems we believe that constant development and good customer service delivery are always worth the investment. Therefore, we aim to help you to own one Solar system.

Janathan Mlauzi

Managing Director

Electrical Engineer Certified with MERA – Well experienced in Renewable energy. With Sound leadership and managerial skills has enabled him to work in various positions with various Renewable companies in Malawi. As a Director of PowerPlus Control Systems, he is committed to see Malawi become a “Solar Nation”. For this to take place, he believes that Renewable Energy equipment must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to Homeowners, Schools, Hospitals, Tourism Centers, Community Groups, and businesses.

The New trending technologies in Renewable Energy has enabled to see “SOLAR IS POSSIBLE IN MALAWI” by integrating the existing technology to new upcoming solar systems. We not only supply the products to create a renewable future, but the expert services to build it and the education to support it. We work with the best in the industry who adopt a best practice policy for design and installation.

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